Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Okay so Macie's school didn't observe Martin Luther King, Jr day today. With the inauguration tomorrow, I'd forgotten all about the holiday today. As I was getting Macie ready for school this morning I told her that tomorrow is an important day that will be in her school books when she gets older, and that Obama is our 1st African American President...And that we need to write down some important things that our going on in our lives tomorrow, so we can look back and remember where we were.

On our way home from picking up Macie after school she says:
I learned about our new President today and read a book about him.
me: (I'm thinking - there is a library book about Obama out already, but thought o well I guess so) I actually said - o yeah, what did you learn?
Macie: I learned some real bad people shot him and he died.
me: (thinking who is she talking about?! ) I actually said - who are you talking about? President Bush is still alive and so is our soon to be New President Obama. Are you talking about Kennedy (yeah I actually said Kennedy, but I was thinking WHY would she be learning about him?)
macie: she whispers the name Kennedy - like she was trying to remember the name then says "no" like shes never heard that name before - hahaha
me: - So it dawns on me that she's talking about Martin Luther King, Jr. I say are you talking about Martin Luther King, Jr?
Macie: yes!!
me: he wasn't a president he was a leader then I say you know your school was the only school around here that wasn't out today.
Macie: YEAH I KNOW!!hahahahaha
Here's the paper book Macie brought home today about Martin Luther King, Jr.

All About Martin Luther King, Jr
Martin Luther King,Jr. is a famous American leader who promoted peaceful change. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 15, 1929. His father was a minister, and his mother was a teacher. Martin loved to read books, and he was a good student. He read about famous black Americans like George Washington Carver. Even as a young boy, Martin noticed that all people were not treated equally. He started to think about how he could help people. Martin graduated from high school when he was only 15. He went to college and became a minister. Martin met a woman named Coretta Scott while going to school in Boston. They decided to get married on June 18, 1953. After Dr. King moved to Montgomery, Alabama, he began to work to change unjust laws. He gave speeches and led peaceful protests. Dr. King made his most famous speech at a march in Washington, D.C., in August 1963. His speech began with the words "I have a dream." Dr. King was awarded the Nobel peace prize in December 1964 for his work. Sadly, Dr. King was killed in April 1968. To honor his memory and his work, Congress voted in 1983 to make a national holiday called Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We honor Dr. King's life each year with parades and other celebrations to remember his dream.

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