Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birthday Party

Here's the cake the boys agreed on. I have to say I was impressed!
Austin picked this one.
Eli picked this one.
So before we started singing Jason asked the boys if they knew what to do (like when to blow out their candles). Yeah they knew they said. So we're singing in this picture.
Here's where it gets funny - We're singing the Happy Birthday song and to the part where you sing "happy birthday dear Austin & Eli - and Eli is like forget this I'm blowing out these candles. Look at Austin - lol - he knows it's not time yet.

But look at Austin here - we're still singing and it's not time yet..Peer pressure - lmao Eli is thinking "man i blew them out too soon" - LOL!!
"What are you doing? You said you knew what to do" says Jason..Austin said we were taking too long - lol

The boys got money and all the toys they wanted. Thanks to everyone who bought them presents and gave them money. You made their day very special. Austin told me today he was tired of being 4 and he held up 4 fingers -lol...
There was one present Austin didn't get and I have the picture of the disappointment below. Austin wanted a truck, trailer and 2 motorcycles. He was hoping Macie or I would buy it for him. This was his sad face after opening Macie's present this morning. Later he told me he liked it. I had no idea how much this vehicle meant to him. So 8:00 tomorrow morning you know where we'll be - AT WAL-MART


Jennifer said...

How fun. I'm with you. I don't know where the last 5 years have gone!

I remember when you told me it took two hours to get out of the house. It must be a lot nicer now! :)

beckypreynolds said...

Those boys are too cute. I LOVE that cake. So cute!!