Monday, April 19, 2010

1st Scrimmage

This was the end to our busy weekend. The boys had 3 practices and one scrimmage game last week and that's not counting Macie's gymnastics and soccer. The picture caption here should be
Best Buddies For Life! They're starting a new experience together and it's pretty neat to witness.

Here's mister Eli waiting in the dugout to bat. Check out their helmets. Pretty awesome!

Again, check out that helmet. I have to point out that was free hand.

Austin on deck to bat.

Eli played pitcher most of the time and did very well.

This is two consecutive pictures. Boom!

Boom! Austin played 3rd and has a cannon of an arm. That boy can throw the ball!

Eli tryin for an out at 3rd.

He's looking at Jason to figure out where to throw the ball.

Jason thinks Eli is the only kid that can get out while being upset - haha.

Eli is a good pitcher!

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