Sunday, April 18, 2010


Here's the start to our very busy weekend. Macie struggled the first two quarters with tiredness. And this little girl from the other team was outstanding.

When I watch Macie play soccer she reminds me of a Cheetah. She'll get her 2nd wind and there is NO ONE that can stop her. When she gets that 2nd wind she's very determined and her speed is powerful. In these next pictures it's the last quarter-Macie already scored twice during the 3rd & 4th quarters. She's played the whole time and pretty tired. She got the ball and ran right past us. So naturally we're yelling "run Macie, run"..And remember that other girl is GOOD.

Yup your seeing it correctly - Macie out ran her. In all fairness I'm sure that little girl was tired, and she tried hard to get the ball away from Macie. I think Macie was thinking to herself "you ain't touchin this"


My battery was low on my camera, so I was trying to be conservative and missed MY CHILD, WHO IS SHY AND QUIET, burst out in a little dance. hahahaha!!! It's very unlike Macie, but I loved it.

Jason and Macie made a deal last weekend if she scored 3 goals he'd give her $5. But she only scored twice. Notice her fingers in this picture. She's counting!!!! hahhaaaaa...That's my girl - countin that money..It's collection time!!!

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Jennifer said...

A= Awesome, Amazing, Above Average. :) Good job, Macie.