Tuesday, June 9, 2009

St Louis

We went to St Louis for our family vacation this year. I'm glad we went, so we can check that off our "places to go" list, cause we'll never go back. I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet, so I won't go into a lot of detail. I'm going to try and just hit the highlights. We stopped in Springfield on our way to St Louis and I found the cutest pair of sandals for $5. That was one of two best moments of the trip.
Once in St Louis, our first stop is The City Museum. Everyone seemed to be having a blast, but we're kinda germaphobes. When you've had two babies very sick with the stomach bug for 10 days, when you've waited in the ER for 10 1/2 hours watching them stick you child repeatedly trying to find a good vein to start an IV, when the idiotic doctor runs pointless test after test costing me around $900 - you get a tad gun shy about germs. But like I said - everyone else seemed to be having a blast. A great place for kids.

Next stop that nite was The Arch. I thought since we did this later in the evening it wouldn't be that crowded..WRONG!! We waited in line for around 20 minutes which wasn't bad, but what we didn't know is once your up at the top you can leave whenever. The ride made me a little nervous and I'm fine with heights and love roller coasters. I would have done better if I could have seen out ;0)

So once at the top it's crowded, I'm talking can't move crowded. There were 2 lines waiting to get down, and they kept sending people up. So it was very nerve racking trying to get to a window and maneuver 3 small kids around. Very crowded (can't stress that enough) up top which was ridiculous. I mean I understand it's a money making business, but there's got to be a better system than that. There was easy 100 people up top and trust me the top isn't all that big..

The next morning we're off to the St Louis zoo. We got there right when it opened so it was nice. Not too crowded and the weather was great. Two hours of walking non stop, and carrying the kids around we gave up and left. The boys just can't walk that long or that far - poor Macie, she was a trooper the whole trip. She could out walk Jason and I put together. The bad part is the zoo was huge and we only saw half of it - ha..I can't remember what this cat was-maybe a leopard, but he seriously wanted to eat the kids. If any of you know how house cats act when they're about to pounce on something then you'll understand this. Inside the cats cage there was a huge net, well the kids were looking at this cat and he started to hunker down and creep real slow towards the kids, eyes focused on the kids..Then he stopped at the net and was motionless - frozen - looking at the kids..I told Jason the hair on my arms were standing up, let's go cause he wants to eat the kids..That thing even followed us around his cage as we were leaving..These things FREAK ME OUT!!

Pictures from my other camera have to be downloaded to the computer, so more of the trip to come.


Rachel Brown said...

Man that leopard was scary. The one at the Tulsa zoo only has 3 legs (and no I am not joking) I guess thats what you get at second rate zoos.

The Sharum's said...

OMG!!! I wonder what happened to his other leg? Yeah this cat wasn't joking around..