Friday, June 12, 2009

Eli The Comedian

Our little Eli is a light shining bright at our house. His little personality is becoming funnier and funnier with each new day. In the past couple weeks the boys are in the habit of hitting each other and Macie. They get in BIG trouble for hitting Macie. We're trying to teach them not to hit girls, especially sissy. Well Eli was in Macie's bathroom this evening getting into her lotion and I shooed him off - he gets mad and swats Macie's belly..BIG no, no!! Anyways we deal with that and we're sitting in the car while Jason's renting a movie. Eli starts telling me that Austin hit Macie in the face. Macie pipes up and says the only one she remembers hitting her is Eli and Eli says: "we're not talking bout that and I'm serious". hahaha It was so funny!!

On our way home we stop at McDonald's for ice cream. Once home Eli starts diggin into his and he says "now this is what I'm talkin bout". He's such a sweet, funny boy!!

Weird twin thang:
A couple days ago I notice a scratch looking red mark on Austin's neck kinda down from his ear. A couple days later Eli has the same scratch looking red mark on his neck down from his ear..Same exact spot!!Freaky!!!

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