Monday, June 15, 2009

1st Swim Lesson

Today Macie took her 1st swim lesson. On my way to the lesson I'm thinking to myself that I'm going to introduce Macie to her instructor and let them know this is her 1st lesson EVER and she can't swim. Well I didn't get that chance. Today they didn't do much, just evaluated each swimmer. They had all the kids sitting on the edge of the pool all in a line. I noticed for the kids at the first of the line the instructors were holding the kids above the water and letting them kick. Then there was one who swam under water to the instructor. Macie's school friend was next who can swim very well. So Macie was next. The next thing I see is her plunging into the water and "plunk" she sinks like rock. I'm thinking "What tha H*%! The only conclusion I can come to is that the instructor was asking each kid if they can swim. K, I'll tell you right now Macie can't swim a lick, but when the instructor asked her I bet she said "yes" and I'm sure the instructor said "okay let's see"..hahahaha Boy did she..
This 1st picture is her coming up from her "swim"..She gets her confidence from her dad - haha

Macie was nervous before her lesson so I'm glad she went with her best bud from school.

Surprisingly, Macie liked her 1st lesson. She was very proud of herself for going under water..haha I'm nervous for her for the days to come..

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Keith Wilcox said...

That's great! One of my kids is an excellent swimmer, but the other one is very reluctant. I was curious about other people's experiences with it. It sounds like your child is off to a promising start!