Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

My fondest memories of my dad are him pitching softball after softball to me in our backyard, or him and I having races in the backyard helping me get ready for a track meet. We both thought we were faster than the other. I was fast, but never won a race against him. He'd always time me as I raced to the mailbox to check the mail. Another fond memory of my dad was him being a prankster. He'd booby trap cabinet doors - scaring me half to death, scratch on my window screen at nighttime or bring home different joke things. Like once he brought home a envelope of snake eggs, which wasn't really snake eggs. Once you opened the envelope you'd hear a rattlesnake's rattle..

Here's one of my favorite photo's with my papaw Russell.

Wrestling was another fond memory.

This Father's Day for Jason was a little different than the following years. Since everyone is older and enjoys giving gifts I let each child pick out they're own gift for Jason. Eli's first choice was a telescope. Why? I have no earthly clue. He says "so daddy can look up at the stars", which Jason has no interest in doing. That may be a Christmas present, who knows. Eli was the only one that couldn't keep a secret, btw.

Eli got Jason a "shoot gun". Which is nothing other than a dart gun.

I think this was Austin's proudest moment. He was so happy & excited with his selection. He picked out a Hot Wheels Cement truck "so daddy can play trucks with me".

Just as we were leaving the toy isle Macie saw a little nerf football and she just knew that was "the gift" she must give.

Then came my gift. My gift idea for Jason was a last minute "brilliant" one. He loves "The Monk", so he got a DVD gift set.

I've seen this quote on a picture frame and regretted not getting it. But to all the special fathers out there-this is for you.
Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad.
Happy Father's Day!!

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