Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ridin' The Creekmore Train

We rode the Creekmore train yesterday and that has to be the cheapest, best entertainment for kids in Fort Smith. The ride is a quarter!! The kids have been wanting to ride for a while now and LOVE IT.

The boys have been dying for more sunglasses, so they got some yesterday and Eli loves his - Austin not so much. Eli would wear his to bed if I'd let him..He wears his hat and glasses around the house. ha

Because we're an odd number family poor Macie had to sit by herself, but she didn't seem to mind.

Cute, quick story:
Yesterday since Jason was off work we decided to let the boys go with him to the ballfield. The team was going to hit and warm up before the game. I told the boys they'd have to get their hats, sunglasses, ball gloves and ball before they left. I go into their room to help them get ready and find Eli wearing snow gloves HAHAHAHA and Austin crying b/c he can't find his other snow glove. Ssssoooo I have to explain to them that we don't wear snow gloves to the ballpark, only their ball gloves. They were totally pumped to go with Jason, no matter what they looked like :0)

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