Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We're On A Team

As most of you know, Saturday was Macie's basketball draft. She was lucky number 13..All the girls had to dribble the ball from half court and try to make a basket..Macie tried really hard, but missed her shot - but that's okay..She's been practicing all week and will get better and will be AWESOME. To make things better her friend Maggie is on her team, so she's really pumped for their 1st practice Friday night.

After Macie took her shot a guy (to whom I didn't know) said to me "some of the most talented people are left-handed). That was very thoughtful, I thought..He's right, she'll be something spectacular someday..
*I'm going to try and get the boys more involved with the blog..
We were at the mall Sunday and I tried to get them to sit on Santa's lap and they shook their heads "no" in horror, so I guess their still too shy for him..

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