Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Twin" Talk

I captured this audio while I was laying in bed this morning listening to the boys play through the monitor. It wasn't long ago that they wouldn't get outta bed when they woke up - they would just call for us..Now they get up and either get in our bed or just turn their TV on and play while watching TV - and that's what happened this morning. Believe it or not they are starting to talk a lot better. Or I should say they talk to us better, but I still have a hard time understanding them when they're talking to each other. They are starting to use some English, though.

Raising twins has been an amazing experience..You not only get to witness an unbreakable bond, but you also get to witness each child fighting to become their own individual. When you say "twins" people just automatically think "same", but that's not true..I've really started noticing one boy may be better at doing something than the other one , or one likes something more than the other..Then there are some things that they both love..Just within the last couple of months Jason and I have started distinguishing whose who just from hearing their voices and cries..They're growing into a normal 3 year old (I say normal, but not certain I know what that is) They mock, make fun and tattle on each other, which is annoying at times -but also hilarious (sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh - it's the only way to keep your sanity)..They can fight like CATS AND DOGS, but in the next moment turn around and play so nicely together. Their moods and attitudes flip flop depending on the day and people their around - like right now Eli is the more outgoing one while Austin is more reserved..I've always thought Austin will be the sneaky twin..Around Amy & Eric Austin likes to run around naked, while Eli is hesitant - Austin loves the laughter and attention, while Eli really doesn't. Every now and then he'll join in with Austin's nakedness - then things really get crazy casue they feed off each other. Eli will try a new adventure before Austin will..But all that could change tomorrow..

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the alder boys said...

OMG that is so funny! All the fun stuff I have to look forward to!