Sunday, November 9, 2008

Digging for Diamonds

Saturday the kids, my mom and myself loaded up and went to Murfreesboro to dig for diamonds. I'll start off by saying the place was packed. Hardly a parking spot vacant. People come from all over to find that "needle in a haystack"..There were people from Missouri, Louisiana and Texas. We had no idea of what to do, so we just started digging. The top layer of dirt was ssoo hard, but once you dug a couple of inches the dirt turned to a mud like clay that got worse once you tried to clean it with water. That was more work than my mom and I were willingly to do, so we took our dirt home (which is not the way to do it, says an older man from the wash stations - hehehe)..Needless to say I didn't get anything and my mom is still working on hers.

K-U-DOS to the ones who have found something b/c it's a lot of work. Definitely an experience! The weather was nice and we got to enjoy the sunshine. The kids had fun and for being TOTALLY outta their routine - they did good..

*Funny story about Eli - the whole time we were at the diamond mine Eli kept falling. I mean constantly and I kept saying "what is your deal". Three hours later I figured it out. We were sitting in Buddy's Ranch House Cafe and noticed his boots were on the wrong feet. A-N-D guess who put his boots on? ME!!!!!!! So I was his "deal" - poor guy..I think he liked falling in the dirt, though ;0)

Sunday the kids got to ride in papaw Richard's tractor and 4-wheeler, and got to feed the fish in their pond. And of course I made them pose for Christmas pictures - AND GOT SOME GOOD ONES!!! I'm so excited - usually 400 pictures later I still don't have any good ones and don't send photo Christmas cards out - but will this year..YEA!!!!

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