Thursday, November 6, 2008

Soccer Star

Tonight was Macie's trophy night for her soccer team the "Wild Cats". Macie was so excited to get her 5th trophy. She was amazing this season! Her very first time to play was Fall of '07 and scored only one exciting goal, but let me tell you it was the most exciting goal ever..Then Spring of 'o8 she scored 12 goals. So that brings us to Fall of '08 with a massive 30 goals!!!! When the assistant coach gave Macie her trophy he said: Here's to one of the quietest players on the team, BUT one of the most ferocious!!! I thought that was the sweetest thing!! Who would have thought that calling my sweet daughter ferocious would make me so joyful - hahahaha..
The coaches also gave each teammate T-H-E CUTEST paper bag scrapbook..I've never seen one in person until now and I love it!!! SO CUTE!!!! The team colors just add to the cuteness..

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