Monday, November 24, 2008

Star of the Month

Macie is STUDENT OF THE MONTH!!!!! We are so very excited cause as you know NOT everyone in her class can be student of the month. In honor of her accomplishment she gets her:

  1. name/picture in the paper (will appear in Wednesday's edition)

  2. a certificate

  3. a pin

  4. her name on her school's hallway bulletin board

5. breakfast for her, Jason and I..She was the most excited about this!! Both Sunday and Monday mornings Macie has woke me up around 5am telling me to get up and take her to school for her breakfast - hahahaha.. Sunday morning she said "it's time to take me to school cause - I'm student of the month" and her head was just a bobbing matter of factly.

Bag of Goodies
This morning went great!! Macie ate her Student of the Month breakfast with 2 of her friends and will have her classroom Thanksgiving Feast later this morning..

Here is Macie's picture that is hanging on the wall outside her classroom.

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