Monday, December 6, 2010

What's Pixie Been Up too

Here's what our elf Pixie has been up to since Friday night.

Day 1:
Macie found her at the top of our tree. Took them awhile to find her but they finally did. Macie was beyond excited. Pixie was and still is talk of the house. Macie's still full of questions, like how did she get to the top of the tree w/o knocking off the ornaments? My response was maybe she flew and that opens another can of questions. haha

Day 2:
Pixie had a good time with Macie's American Girl Dolls.

Pixie was decked out in her cowgirl vest and boots. Needless to say the kids LOVED this.
Last night Pixie found her way on top of our bedroom t.v. She may have to go 4-wheel'n tonight in the boys room.
Since Jason wasn't home when Pixie arrived Macie is suspicious he had something to do with it. Jason was gone for a while this evening and Austin says he hopes another elf doesn't arrive - haha. He's not scared anymore, he says..Apparently Macie has been talking about our elf at school cause she wants me to email it to her best friends mom so she can see it :0)

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