Friday, December 24, 2010

Back to the North Pole

When Pixie arrived at our house I had 3 scared to death little kids, but now as she leaves for the North Pole I have 3 very sad little kids. They have thoroughly enjoyed her over the past few weeks and will be sad to wake up in the morning with no one to look for. Pixie left a note and it read:
Dear Sharum's
It's been fun living at your house for the past few weeks. I've had a blast playing with you guys. All 3 of you are very awesome kids. Stay good! Santa is very proud of you.

Macie - Good luck with basketball. Keep your eyes on the ball and your arms up. Get on those girls and stay on them.

Austin & Eli - Good luck with t-ball. Be patient with your swing and keep your eyes on the ball.

The elves and I will be cheering for you at the North Pole as we look down upon you.
Have a wonderful new year and always try your best. Have fun with everything you do.

I love you and will see you again next year.


Merry Christmas!

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