Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Magic Elf, Pixie

Tonight we were watching Polar Express and it was towards the end when the train had stopped at the North Pole and the children and elves were waiting on the arrival of Santa. Well I knew our magic elf was coming tonight so I casually said "I've heard of elves visiting peoples homes". Austin said he hopes one doesn't come to our house cause he'd be scared and he kept his word. Our elf arrived with the sound of the doorbell, which Jason wasn't home and the rule is for us not to answer the door when he's gone, so Austin got scared when I was gonna open the door anyways. Macie was/is so confused, she was firing about a million questions about the elf and said she's gonna have a good story to tell her class Monday..Eli's neutral in the whole deal. He knows Santa sent the elf and is kinda on the fence about everything else. I hope they warm up to our elf Pixie Sugarplum, I have some wonderful and fun ideas..She's 141 years old which Macie just can't believe..Why is she so little, how'd she get here, where'd she come from, how is she gonna write with a normal sized pencil, does she really come to life at night, etc, etc, etc

Stay tuned on where/what Pixie does next.

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