Saturday, August 21, 2010

1st Place or Close

Today the boys had their 1st group soccer practice. Both boys did good, and at the end they had a race. From my view Eli won, but not for sure. He either won 1st or 2nd out of around 60ish kids. Austin got caught up in traffic and not sure where he finished. Honestly I didn't even see Austin. I had my eyes on Eli. At first he was in the top 5, so I was thinking to myself "O he's doing good", but after he tagged one of the coaches hands he took off. Then I was thinking "holy crap" he might win. Then I heard other parents yelling for their kids and people have never known me to be the "quiet type" so I started yelling and lost all perspective. I thought he won, but Jason wasn't for sure. The other child he was neck and neck with was an "almost relative". hahahaha I know your thinking "what is an "almost relative"? Too long of a story to explain, but the "almost relative" is fast, so I'm proud of Eli. I know Austin would have be neck in neck too if he'd had the chance. I told him after the race "you just have to bust through the slow pokes" :0)

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