Monday, August 23, 2010

1st Day

Today my dear, sweet babies started kindergarten. Time has literally flown by. To me they shouldn't be old enough to start school. Not sure what's up with their faces, but they're still cute. Jason hates their hair being fixed. Which for the record I had 3 to do this morning (and I was glad I didn't have 3 girls) lol

All 3 ready to go.

Here's the "Eli picture smile" Macie is such a good sister. She gave him a hug before we left this morning. Being a big sister isn't always easy, but she does an awesome job. Both boys told me all the way to school that they were gonna miss me today. That's very hard to hear when your trying your hardest not to cry :0)

I think Austin was more excited than he looks, probably nervous which is expected..

From what I could pulled out of them they had a great day. They didn't like the celery or carrots at lunch, but loved the chocolate milk. Their teacher said they had an awesome day and I also heard they did awesome in the cafeteria today - which calms my fears tremendously.

The next couple of weeks they'll be learning/reviewing their colors. Tomorrow they're supposed to wear something red. And stay tuned for what Macie can almost do by herself.

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