Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chocolate Pie Cookoff

Jason and I decided to have a chocolate pie cook off because he says my stuff is always so expensive to make. I stick straight with the recipe never straying and he just does "whatever"..He thought he could make a pie cheaper than I could and make it taste the same. I begged to differ. Here's the recipes:
graham cracker crust (store bought)
chocolate pudding (made from the recipe on the box for pie filling)
xtra creamy cool whip
shavings of hershey bar on top

regular pie crust (lol not even sure what it's called)
6 melted squares of chocolate
egg beaters
lite cool whip

Jason used name brand cool whip and I used off brand. I can't tell the difference but others could. Jason's cost a little of $4 and mine cost $9.31 to make.
Honestly both pies were good. Most said if we put my filling in Jason's pie crust it'd be awesome. So we're doing that for Christmas.
We had a kitchen full of wonderful food and of course I ate way too much.

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