Thursday, August 20, 2009

Does the truth really hurt?

During Jason's physical therapy visits I've seen a new breed of people - haha. The other day when we went there - there was a guy who had a cast on his hand. I overheard him saying he was "noodling" (it means catching catfish with your hands. You like stick your hand in all this underwater brush or something. I've only seen it on tv. I have no experience with "noodling" and wouldn't do it for NOTHING.) So anyways, he's noodling and he catches a bad azz catfish that breaks his middle finger in 4 places - hahaha..Then today I'm in the waiting room with this guy and his wife. The dad is bad mouthing their kids (who weren't there), while his wife was brushing out her long, long hair and then started asking me about the boys. He kept on saying how they were supposed to have twins, but luckily didn't and started asking me about their personalities. His wife who didn't have any experience with twins KNEW ALL ABOUT IT. I never had to answer a question cause she would answer for me - hahahaha. This guy had a bad accident and he said was pronounced dead for 2 minutes.

Then Eli started holding up 1 finger and saying "one tooth". I say "you have more than 1 tooth" again Eli says "1 tooth". I ask him "are you saying 1 tooth" and he points to the guy and says "that guy has only 1 tooth" LMAO..sssssssshhhhhhhh, I say. Which later I heard the guy sayin all his teeth were knocked out and a page of other stuff that was broken or missing or SOMETHING. Then an elderly couple comes out of the physical therapy area and again Eli points and says "that man ugly". I try my best firm look and say "have some manners! act like you've been somewhere before", then start busting out laughing.

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