Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Best Birthday

We've been celebrating my upcoming bday all weekend. Today the kids bought me a sack full of goodies, which makes for the best presents. They bought me:
  • the colossal volume express mascara which Macie was all about. she told jason that this makes your eye lashes grow bigger & bigger (lol) she saw it on tv, of course
  • i got some finger files (you laugh, but i really, really needed'em & can't wait to use them)
  • 2 tubes of lip gloss
  • trio eye shadow compact
  • AND some OPI nail polish in CAJUN SHRIMP. LOVE, LOVE this color and i was so impressed when i recognized the color. my voice is heard in the house after all
  • last but not least some very, very cute sandals from jason
  • i have to add jason also bought me some kick azz jeans, an awesome fire pit and a yummy cookie cake.

As Spongebob would say: IT'S THE BEST DAY E-VER!

A special shoutout to my dad, karen, patti, mark & grandma kay & Jim for early b-day presents. Thank you guys!!

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