Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chuck E's first skating confession

The boys went to their 1st "friend" bday party. It was at Chuck E Cheese, which they've never been cause of the germs..hahahahahahahahaaaaa To keep them from being labeled as "the weird kids" we had to let them go. And of course they loved it!! Eli's face lit up as we walked in and him and Austin both loved playing all the games. Eli really got into Chuck E Cheese as well. He even honked Chuck E's nose- hahahahahaaaa. Like I said he was PUMPED UP. Austin on the other hand wasn't all that impressed with the mouse (Jason's son).

Macie also had her 1st confession this Saturday, which she wasn't sure about but did fine.

Macie had her first skating party today. She's never skated a day in her life. She went from totally hating it to totally lovin it. And yes I skated as well. It's been 20+ years, but I gave it a whirl and will probably regret it in the morning.
Towards the end she even tried by herself and did pretty good.

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