Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Best Yet

Macie played the best basketball game of her life yesterday. Of course there was some incentive involved, but it worked. She was dead all first half, but came ALIVE in the second. The incentive was a $1 for any offensive or defensive move. Her first point the ref was in my way, but it was a side shot, with girls all over her and nuthin but the net, baby.....She then swats the ball away from the girl she's guarding. Her next move is her first rebound of the season, then scores. This is the video. The video starts after she got the rebound (turn down your volume, for the obvious).

With less than a minute left she STEALS THE BALL, DIBBLES DOWN AND SCORES. Again nuthin but the net. I had two freakin cameras and miss this. I can't understand how that happened. So her total dollar amount came to $9.

6 points = $6
1 swat= $1
1 rebound =$1
1 steal = $1
total + $9

1 comment:

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