Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turkeys in Disguise

A few weeks ago when Eli was in the hospital, Austin brought home a homework assignment that was to disguise your turkey so he wouldn't be eaten for Thanksgiving. We decided to wait until Eli got to feeling better before attempting to work on the assignment. Weeelllll, the weekend before the assignment was due we start working on it and Austin gets sick with the stomach bug. He got to start it, but Macie and Eli had to finish it. He wasn't feeling good in this picture. Eli was dead set on making his turkey look like his "big bear", which turned out pretty good considering it didn't start off very well. Austin originally wanted his as a horse but with Jason gone I had no idea how to do that, so luckily he changed his to a snowman, which turned out awesome as well. Supposedly these will be judged by their principal, so I'm hoping they win. They're are some good ones, though..

O and I have to mention the making of Austin's snowflakes were a b!t*h....

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