Monday, November 29, 2010


As Christmas is getting closer I've been asking the kids what they want. And the answers are "everything". They don't get out and shop, so they have no clue what kind of toys are out there, they are typical kids and want everything they see on tv. Seems like every Christmas Macie has been getting one of the American Girl Dolls. I asked her this year if she'd like Santa to bring her one and she says "yes, she wants Samantha". Well after searching for Samantha I learn she was one of the four first American Girls and is now retired. Automatically Ebay pops into my head. And as expected those dolls are double the original amount because she's retired (and no they don't come out for retirement like the Disney movies). I did in fact find one that was gently "used" to say the least. I rescued a "Samantha" after she was attacked by a dog and lost her fingers. After Christmas, she will spend some time at the hospital especially for the dolls and get her fingers fixed. Macie doesn't think I can find one, but little does she know Samantha and a wheelchair will be waiting for her under the tree come Christmas morning. I love this story, it's so much better than the "Santa brought me another AG doll"..Once at the hospital, she'll get a new arm, a good cleaning, her hair will be all brushed and she will arrive in a hospital gown and arm band. Other than the fingers issue she's in good shape. Her hair was quite a mess, but I did manage to get it brushed out. I have a new outfit waiting for her and I know the other girls will love her :0) No more dog attacks! I'll keep you updated on this developing story.

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