Saturday, July 24, 2010

Venturing Out

This is gonna be a long one, so get comfortable. Yesterday we went to a popular Oklahoma lake just to see if it was better than where we usually go - and it was rough as promised. So here's the story of our day. After driving around for a bit Jason and the kids go swimming. I'm not a big lake swimmer, so I'm laying out in the boat. All of a sudden Jason feels something pinching him and thinks it's Austins silly bands grabbing his arm hair. As he's asking Austin if he's pinching/scratching him he feels it again on his legs and basically freaks out - thrashing around in the water - loudly saying "GET OUT OF THE WATER". It might as well have been JAWS in the water cause that's how we were acting - yanking kids out by their life jackets. lol. So you know I'm NOT getting in the water now no matter how hot it gets! Jason finally decided it was perch eating away at him. So we drive around some more and come to some bluffs where people are jumping off. Jason says that looks fun and he'd like to do it. I laughed and said "yeah right"! For 1 Jason is scared of heights and for 2 he had shoulder surgery not even a year ago, so I said if you must act like an idiot go ahead.

I understand this video is horrid. I was trying to fight the waves, wind and dodge a boat and 2 jet skies all while videoing this act of craziness. He tried and tried to get me to do it, but I have no desire to do that and I'm not scared of heights. I am however scared of snakes which lie in rocks and rocks is what you had to climb on to reach the top of the bluffs. So kuddos to Jason for being brave! Here's some pictures while riding around.

We were heading in on this picture, not sure if he was truly asleep.
but he is sound asleep in this picture (like we have room in Jason's truck for little and big bear)

Last night we went to sonic for ice cream. You know you have too many people when you have to write down every one's order - lol..Macie went from a butterfinger sundae to a snickers, Eli went from butterfinger to oreo and we didn't give Austin time to change his mind - he got snickers as well..

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