Sunday, June 27, 2010

Who knew they could swim...

Like everything else I've ever done with the kids - I decided it's time to lose the swim floaties COLD TURKEY. Friday we went swimming at uncle g & aunt p's pool w/o swim devices and ya know what. THEY COULD FREAKIN SWIM!!! Eli seriously swam underwater like a fish. Austin swam like a rock, sorta haha..Macie was soso, but she had swim lessons last year. Nothing to brag about, though. We go over there today and it was like 3 totally different kids. All 3 kids were jumping off the diving board and swimming over to the ladder like it was nobodies business. I was so excited and totally impressed. I'm not impressed by much, so this is saying a lot. Austin started flipping off the boat last weekend a-n-d was doing it off the diving board today. I'll remind you he's 5 and a stud at that!! Eli can do one heck of a cannon ball - only problem there is he doesn't know how to bring himself back up. Macie does some little twist and turns, which makes her happy. I forgot my camera at home, so a huge thanks to Greg and his IPhone for the video coverage.

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