Monday, June 14, 2010

We Live in the Real World

We bought a boat about a week ago and last weekend was our first chance to take it to the lake. This was also Macie's first ever boat ride and the kids first time swimming in the lake. Macie was a tad apprehensive, but fell in love with the whole new experience. I don't know what the kids loved best, jumping outta the boat or going for a boat ride. Or of course driving the boat.

The kids did awesome with their life vest and the water.

Here's where the name of my post comes in. Jason's the one who came up with the catchy title. For all the parents who read this you know you can't be gone all day with kids w/o having to "poo". God bless Jason for swimming them to shore and taking care of business. I'm terrified to snakes in a ridiculous way and wouldn't have swam to shore for "NOTHING". So we live in the real world where you "poo" lol!!

Of course 30 minutes after Austin went Eli decided he had to go..And that is toilet paper on Jason's head.

After the lake papaw Richard let the kids fish one of his ponds and had a contest going for the person who caught the biggest fish. Here's Eli catching the first fish. I'm going to side track for a second. When I first saw this picture it looked like Austin, but I knew it wasn't cause from where he was standing around the pond. This an "Austin" expression. I've said before Eli looks like Austin sometimes, but Austin doesn't look like Eli - does that make sense? Anyways, hilarious expression, which is totally Eli.

Miss Macie catching one of several fish.

A reflection pic.

I was just messing around with the next several pics.

As I said earlier Papaw Richard held a contest on who could catch the biggest fish. Austin won the $1.00 prize and couldn't have been happier. Mamaw Donna also gave prizes to Macie and Eli for best swimmer and best sportsmanship :0)

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Jennifer said...

What a fun day. It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. :)