Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Sleep Mask

Jason HAS slept with the t.v. on - for almost 11 years now and during that time I've felt like I've had a huge spot light in my eyes while trying to sleep. My sweet considerate son Austin got me the one present for Mother's Day that I have longed to have for years - A SLEEP MASK. AAaawww, it's awesome and I have to admit I have been sleeping better, but Jason begs to differ. He says since "The Mask" I repeatedly toss and turn and steal the covers, which turns into him not sleeping (maybe he will get a sleep mask for Father's Day) hehehe...So last night or in the wee hours of this morning I hear a tiny voice calling out for me - momma. I immediately think it's Macie, so I get up and run to her room only to find her soundly asleep. So of course my next thought is - the boys. So I run to their room and find them sleeping soundly, all the while Jason is trailing behind me...hehehehehehe (O boy, I just now realize how crazy we sound). Obviously I was dreaming, but I still swear it was real. I used to laugh at Jason cause he'll do that from time to time. Thinks he hears something and vvrroooommmm, off he goes in a dramatic act - now I'm acting the same way - lol!!! Point being - maybe the mask wasn't such a good idea.


Jennifer said...

Sleeping with the TV on would drive me crazy. You just need energy prices to go high enough, and he would turn it off. Then you wouldn't need the mask. :)

The Sharum's said...

You are so right Jennifer.. :0)

beckypreynolds said...

That's so funny. Joel always wants to watch something while he falls asleep too. But I hate the "spotlight" so I outlawed tv's in the bedroom many years ago. Now he just curls up with his ipod in bed to watch a show. Maybe that could be his fathers day gift :)