Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Picture Perfect

Sunday I was flipping through the Lowe's Creative Ideas magazine and I came across the cutest thing ever and just had to try it. I totally suck at measurements and precise cutting, so I nominated Jason for the project, which he mastered. Here's the end result: Something just a little different.

I got the above picture blown up to a 11x14, which was supposed to be in black & white. Nothing was going right that day, so I dealt with the mistake and made myself accept the color photo. We bought 1x6x8 size board. Jason marked each of the photo's dimensions on the board then cut the board accordingly. Then he cut the picture into the sizes of the cut board, which is what he's doing in the photo below.

We decided to add this step into the Lowe's instructions.

Last we just sprayed the board with spray adhesive and added the photos. And of course add your wall hangers on the back.

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Eric and Amy said...

I love it!! That looks great!!