Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Griswold's Go Fishing

We're bored outta our minds and Jason has the bright idea to take the kids fishing at Well's lake. I naturally wasn't a big fan, but decided to go along for the ride and laughter. The kids were totally pumped!! Picture this: we're walking along the bank, each kid has their fishing pole, I'm carrying my camera bag and Off bug spray and Jason's carrying 5 folding chairs and his tackle box. I'm sure we looked freaking hilarious!! The Griswold's had arrived at that point. So the first spot that looked good to Jason ended up being infested with ants, which bit Jason a few dozen times. OFF to the second spot!! Which again was infested with ant farms. So our third and final destination had no ants. The brilliant fishing idea turned into a nightmare. The wind was blowing every one's bobbers into the bank, then their fishing lines would get tangled on all the overgrown grass along the bank, and Macie was terrified of every flying insect in site - so needless to say we left after a total of 30 minutes

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the alder boys said...

That is soooo funny! Sounds like one of our family adventures!! Better luck next time! Good idea anyway Jason!!