Sunday, October 3, 2010

She scores-He hurt his foot

Macie played in a jamboree this weekend for a charity event and scored her first goal of the season. It's tougher this year because there is a goalie and it's 8 vs 8 AND it's coed. I took one picture of her breaking out (which is what she does), then I have the ball going past the goalie (who was a boy) then I have this picture.
It's a miracle I have the 3 pictures that I have because if you know me, you know that I was yelling my loudest (which is loud) and jumping up and down cheering. And to top it all off Macie says she only hears Jason cheering for her. WHAT!? I'm making a fool of myself and I'm by far louder than Jason. hmpf!
On another note - Austin has hurt his foot and probably won't be able to play soccer for awhile.

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