Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Little Broken Hearted

Tonight we had parent -teacher conferences. While we were waiting to speak to the teacher we started reading the letters posted outside on the wall..Here's Macies

If your having a hard time reading what she's sayin - here it is..
It was a sad day on Friday my dog ran away on October 6. First he eat the fence. Later on we took him to the vet. He was so hot. And he told us what happened. Finally my mom got very sad. And I had to cry. Clearly, it broke my heart.
So I'm guessing they're learning how to write the sequence of events in a story. All these events in Macie's story did happened, but not all at once. Her dates are off, but I would never expect her to remember those anyways.
My beloved dog, Bud, ran away the day before my b-day last year, he was very old and had no business out on his own on a hot August morning. By the time Jason found him he was having a heat stroke. I rushed him to the ER, where later we put him to sleep. Bud did eat the fence, but that was last year when we went to St. Louis.
Macie's letter was the first one we read and we had no clue the letters were supposed to be sad. When Jason and I both read this letter we were both bug-eyed & speechless. I seriously didn't know WHAT to say or do. Bud is still a very touchy subject with me. There hasn't been a day that's gone by that we haven't thought or mentioned him..We love you, Bud :(

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