Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How do babies get in your belly?

Several weeks ago Eli asked his aunt Amy ( http://ericandamymorrison.blogspot.com/) how baby Henry got inside her belly. Her answer was God put it there. Well today Eli has been full of "the funnies". His first funny happened at lunch time when he told Austin not to sit by him "cause you ugly"...hahahaha It wouldn't be so funny if they didn't look alike. His second funny came a minute ago when he said he had a question about Amy's baby.
Eli: I have a question about Amy's belly.
me: Okay, what is it?
Eli: How did Amy's baby get in her belly? She never told me...
me: wweeeellllllll...........it's complicated!!
Eli: What's complicated?
After about 10 questions in a row I have to shut him down :)) I heard on the radio a few weeks ago the average 4 year old asks around 400 questions a day and I HAVE TWO 4 yr olds. Enough said!

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Jennifer said...

I have had to answer Kristen's questions about that, too. She has a book that talks about the human body, including how babies grow inside the womb. It mentions the sperm and the egg, and it threw me off when she said something about that. I had told her that that "Daddy has to give something to Mommy." Her answer, "Oh, the sperm?" At least she doesn't know HOW it happens.