Friday, September 4, 2009

A-n-d t-h-ey SCORE!!!

Here's Eli's first ever soccer goal. He scored right off the bat. Earlier yesterday my dad asked me which boy I thought would score first and I said it's hard to tell. But here's your answer. Eli played the first quarter and did outstanding. Both boys were so little compared to "some" of the kids, but they held their own.

Macie was very proud of Eli. She told me she had "watery eyes of joy". haha

Here's lil Austin. He scored as well, but I can't tell which picture is of him scoring. He only played twice (I think) due to being sick earlier in the week. He also played outstanding and made that other little kid work for all his goals ;0)

I love this picture!! It screams "I may be little, b-u-t I AIN'T SCARED" haha Poor Eli was sssooo tired. When he'd run he'd pump his arms in an over-exaggerating way hoping it'd make him run a tad faster. It was hilarious but heartbreaking as well. I wanted to go scoop him up.

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